copyright 2018-19, Erin Aurelia

Streaking across the sky

Heralding the solar descent

Soft quiet folds of smooth depth

Sheltering the precious light


Where multitudes swim

And the flame burns and blazes


Deep down

In the violet-lit cavern

The rib edge shine of abalone

Floating on foam

Riding cresting waves

And dancing, drifting down

Deep down

To watery worlds warmed

By amethyst light

Aubergine ascends as darkness falls

Hands raised to the heavens

In prayer

Beckoning to stellar sisters

Lighting their wicks like

Candles on the high


Lighting a warm glow over

The landscape below

Secrets kept

Wisdom unsealed

By pulsating light—


Deep down,

The heart breathes whole

With visions revealed

In stellar cradles

Stars grow and die

In lunar turnings

The Moon breathes and sighs

Round the eye of the Sun

Gaia winds her thread—

In aubergine depths

They are all born again

Someone challenged me to ask myself, if I were a color, what color would I be, and why, and write it as a poem. So I wrote Aubergine.

Aubergine is what an eggplant is called around western Europe, and so is a deep, shiny, eggplanty purple color. The name is beautiful to say and rolls off the tongue in a delicious wave, so much more delectably than does ‘eggplant.’ While it isn’t my very favorite color, it is close, and the one I felt best represented me, which I expressed in the stanzas here. For those not familiar with the color name, I hope the clues sprinkled about, like violet and amethyst, helped reveal the shade, while also giving it extra lustre to those who were familiar.

Being a deep purple (cue ‘Smoke on the Water,’ hehe), the shade is one of layered depth inviting the viewer to plunge beneath the shiny surface of skin and smiles to view the inner workings of the soul, which is really a microcosm of the Cosmos. The violet-lit cavern is the home below, where I live. It’s not a very densely-inhabited space, so it can seem isolating and lonely at times, but it is where I am most myself, and so I cannot roam too far from where my soul-flame burns. It is also is an extra-special gift when someone else connects on this deep level, and its resonance is felt there, all the way up to the surface. Residing here feels like living and walking both at the bottom of the sea, and on the blurry edge of sky-space, which I tried to convey in this piece.

This shade is also quite dark, and reminds me of what darkness in the spiritual sense might look like with a candle’s light shone upon it. Like adding white paint to black, adding light to our lives doesn’t make the darkness disappear. Rather, I feel that a flame cast over our black night reveals its beauty hidden inside when it’s held up to the light. It was moving music, soulful singing, and poetic lyrics which did this for me, and what art can do for us all when we feel sunk and disconnected. It was also what the stars did for me, that ocean in the sky which even the most landlocked of us can swim in nightly, which helped pull me from myself and up to the larger universe of home and hearth. I never feel small when I take in the night sky; I feel a comforting part of where I truly belong, where life never ends, but cycles again and again on spectacular stellar stages. We are all star-souls working towards our own supernovular becoming.

Thank you for reading. May you live your life poetically!