Love is a Lawless Land

by Erin Aurelia

“Love is an untamed force. When we try to control it, it destroys us. When we try to imprison it, it enslaves us. When we try to understand it, it leaves us feeling lost and confused.”

― Paulo Coelho


Love is a Lawless Land

Char-burnt ground banking

            Rivers running backwards

Verdant trees descending

            From the skies

Pools of eyes seeing the

            World from the outside in

Love is a lawless land

This is the country where decrees

            Come to die

Where regulations rot in

            Fallow ground

Your heart will betray you here

            Leading you down a trail


The seemingly secure firmament

            Beneath your feet will rend and gape,

                        Swallow your form whole

Hot winds will suddenly

            Blow cold with

Sunny skies sliding into


As comfort and joy


Into sorrow and despair, for

Love is a lawless land,

            And only those who take

                        A stand

Will withstand its bruising blows

Forget the rules you’ve long been


It turns out their all for


Selling the lie of control and

            Contrived destinations

Truth is, you’ll just fall prey to

            Its sly machinations

And drown as you attempt to

            Steer its ship

The only way to make this


Is to let its rushing river

            Take you

            Toss you

Run you over its rapids and

            Hurl you ‘round its bends

For its only end is

            The love itself

Whether bidden or not,

            Convenient or not

                        Sanctioned or not, for

Love is a lawless land

There are no lifeguards


No lifejackets

            No life-preservers


We swim at the mercy

            Of its terrible sea

Its mawing jaws threatening

            At our feet

No foghorns sound,

            No lighthouses shine,

Here the whine of its wind

            Will desiccate your skin

And leave it flayed in

            Ribbons about your soul

So beware ‘ere you go,

            Of following fancies down

                        Flowered waysides,

The upside may not be

            What you think, or plan

Throw out your guidebook and

            Give up your oars,

For here be dragons,

            Ready to burn you to ash

Along with the maps you

            Thought you’d rely on

Only lawbreakers survive

            Its onslaught intact because

Rules are the food of fools

For truthfully,

I tell you that

Love is a lawless land


‘Nuff said.

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